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3 bdrm Home $585,000
3000 sqft  $600,000
Condo $1,000,000
Why do we put hand cuts or
any "breaks" in concrete?
The biggest reason that we
put cuts in concrete is to
help control the cracking
that takes place. When the
crack occurs in a cut it is
straight and hard to notice.
Driveways  & Aprons
Rebar is used to not prevent cracking, but if and
when cracking occurs to keep it from separating
"The big crack".
Notice the rebar is hammer drilled into existing
slab to prevent the slabs from "heaving at
different rates".
Rebar in this picture is 2 foot on center each
way. We tie rebar to keep it from moving during
the pour.
Driveway with Hand cuts
Apron & Basketball Court
Apron in front of garage
These three pictures are the same driveway
its a round about
This show what saw cuts look like
Northwoods Concrete & Masonry